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Vinicola del Sannio S.R.L.

The "Samnium wine-making plant" is located in the town of Castelvenere, a busy agricultural centre in the Benevento region, between the Taburno mountains to the south and the Matese mountains to the north. The soils created by these mountain chains are the result of erosive action of the elements and prehistoric rivers, and largely alluvial in nature, being composed mostly of clay and sand along with volcanic elements.

In technological terms, the company is highly advanced and it is managed directly by the Pengue family, which boasts many years' experience in the field of winemaking. The company takes its name from the historical region which was once inhabited by the fearsome warlike Samnites, who came here around the 6th century BC during the "holy spring" in search of open space and grazing lands.

Products From Vinicola del Sannio S.R.L.

Status: Party pleasing! Best by the case!

Grapes: 100% Coda di Volpe

Vinification and refinement: Obtained from a traditional wine, whose grapes are made into wine using the latest technologies. A young wine, with a florid bouquet, a dry taste fruity, and pleasantly aromatic.

This is a nutty white with almond, quince, citrus oil and floral aromas possessing a fresh, round, dry palate with somewhat soft acidity. With a clean mineral, nutty, baked pear and citrus flavour, this is a simple easy drinking wine that offers great value!

Goes well with hors-d'oeuvres and fish and served at a temperature between 8-10 C.

SKU + 86306

Supplier: Vinicola del Sannio S.R.L.
Type: White
Region: Campania
Availability: Wholesale (Restricted/Speculative)
Available at Private Liquor Stores and
by case only at Government Liquor Stores
Price may vary at Private Liquor Stores

Country: Italy
Alc Vol: 12.5

12 X 750ml
$ 8.99 Shelf Price


Status: Party Pleasing! Best by the case!

Grapes: 100% Barbera

Vinification and refinement: The Barbera of the Samnium, often confused with Piedimonte wine with the same name, produces grapes with plenty of sugar and anthocyanin, transformed into a very pleasant wine by skillful wine-making techniques. It is ruby-red coloured with hints of violet and has a strong bouquet. The taste is full-bodied, harmonious and soft, slightly aromatic.

Fresh, spicy, licorice/black cherry nose streaked with tobacco leaf and gamey plum aromas. Soft, round dry and a bit rustic with more licorice root and peppery, black cherry, saddle leather flavours.

An everyday food wine with fruit intensity and ripeness - you can't beat the price or the value.

Goes with savoury hors-d'oeuvres, pasta, barbecue meats, roast and steak. Serve at a temperature between 16 - 18 C. Recommend opening the bottle 1 hour before serving.

SKU + 34173

Supplier: Vinicola del Sannio S.R.L.
Type: Red
Region: Campania
Availability: General
Available at Government & Private Liquor Stores

Country: Italy
Alc Vol: 12.5

12 X 750ml
$ 8.99 Shelf Price